Simply put – writing is our forte at Logos Communications. It’s what we do every day for nearly all of our clients.

With Logos, you can be sure that our team is up to the challenge of creating just the “right word” for you and your company. In other words, you’ve contacted the right people, writers dedicated to their craft.

Our team of communication specialists can create a wide array of custom communications. The list of what we can do is long and varied, but some examples include:

  • internal employee and business communications, such as company newsletters or training programs
  • press releases announcing a business development, or new product or service
  • posts for social media and copy for social media profiles
  • communications to help deal with the media and community in times of crisis
  • white papers
  • blogs for content marketing and emails
  • speeches for community or company events
  • marketing copy for flyers, brochures, and sales sheets
  • website copy


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Words make an impact

It’s no coincidence that we were founded on a powerful idea from the notable American writer Mark Twain: “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” Simply put, we believe in powerful words.

Our focus is centered on making an impact through words. Whether our clients need a simple message, a 1,000-word executive summary for their annual report or an announcement about an award recently received, our team of writers can and will fashion the kind of copy every company needs to have their brand noticed.

What we do

In preparation for any kind of writing for our clients, the Logos team takes the time to research, interview (if needed), study, and develop ideas even before the project begins. And you can be assured that your words will be showcased in perfect form. There’s nothing like a mistake, poor grammar, or a faulty sentence to turn off prospective clients, employees or customers.

We can help

So, why not try and do it yourself? Busy business leaders don’t often have the time – or the professional training -- to write the kind of copy needed to showcase your product or service and the brand that stands behind it. Let us help. You can reach out to the Logos Communications team by contacting us today.


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