Who We Are

We’re virtual. Yet we’re always able to get to you if you want to meet in person.

And, we do make house calls – for a meeting, to attend a conference, to do presentation training, or to wrangle the media.

But most of the time, you’re not paying us to sit in traffic  We believe we should be spending our time and your resources reaching the folks you want to reach with a message that resonates with them, when and where they want to receive it.


Sue Voyles – President

I’m one of the lucky people who always knew “what I wanted to be.” Writing has been my lifelong calling, and telling great stories is my passion. For 20-plus years I’ve been a writer, journalist, communicator, media pitching expert and storyteller across a variety of industries – automotive, legal, financial services, human resources, media, education, nonprofit, incentive marketing and business associations. I enjoy the flexibility of working on my own terms. That way, I can watch my favorite sports teams compete, get in my daily workout and still get my job done.


Corey Bricker – Graphic Designer

I have always been passionate about art and words. Graphic design has given me a way to combine those two loves. Being able to design on my laptop and send files to clients allows me to work anytime and anywhere, so I don’t miss those moments reading, baking cookies, going on field trips and driving to hockey practices with my sons (who are, by the way, some of my best people for giving me feedback on my work).


Michael Carmichael – Senior Communications Consultant

From writing commercials for Master Lock and Kroger, to helping create what would become PowerPoint (sorry about that), to developing the online strategy and much of the content for the GM-based Saturn owners’ website, I’ve combined an inherent curiosity with well-honed communication skills – starting with holding what I think is the most appropriate degree possible for what I do:  the BS in Communications from Northwestern. Working virtually creates the perfect work/life balance – and keeps the bird feeder filled.


Christine D’Angela – Senior Communications Consultant

My career in communications sprang from my very first journalism course in high school. Along the way, two degrees in the discipline led me down a path of diverse experiences from public relations to teaching, local to global audiences, politics to corporate America.  I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented people – whether in the halls of Congress or the executive suite at GM. Working on a wide variety of projects has become ever more exciting as communications evolves more fully into the digital age. As a Logos team member, I get to use technology that allows the flexibility I desire, making it possible to spend time with friends, family, and – especially – grandchildren.


Jill Giacomino – Communications Consultant

A natural communicator and self-proclaimed ‘social butterfly’, Jill has over eight years in the communication industry, working with a multitude of clients ranging from hospitality to law. With experience in many facets of the communications field, Jill has a true passion for social media, believing it is a true reflection of the future of dialogue, a blend of technology and communication.


Joseph Lawrence – Communications Consultant

I’m a former newspaper and broadcast journalist on the business-financial beat, and have also worked in corporate and agency communications in a wide variety of business sectors, including automotive engineering and manufacturing (with various North American and European in-country postings), the recreational marine industry, restaurant/hospitality, and fashion retailing. Working with a diverse and wildly-interesting group of Logos clients fuels and inspires my interests in cooking, travel, and enjoying the great outdoors.


Jillian Mikolaizyk – Communications Consultant

My relationship with Logos Communications started as an internship while I was still in college. I was thrilled to be asked back at graduation, and I love that I get to use my love of writing to help businesses of all kinds. I’ve become completely fascinated with the field of Public Relations, especially since it’s slowly becoming more about social media and content marketing — two of my passions! I love this job because it lets me work with and learn from my talented remote coworkers, and also because working from home means that my cats get to be my coworkers, too (they play the important role of sounding boards when I write blogs and social posts).


Lynne Zacharias – Public Relations Consultant

Having worked in both corporate and non-profit settings, my 13 years of working virtually with Logos has allowed me to be home for my three kids. I have a laptop and I will travel.  Besides working from home, I love the coffee at Panera’s or sneaking into a McDonald’s parking lot for a quick fix of WIFI – not junk food. Sometimes you can even find me working from a cozy spot while my three children are hitting the ski slopes. Not a skier myself, but I am dedicated to getting my work done for our clients whenever and where ever necessary. In my spare time I am an avid reader and belong to two book clubs.