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Communications Consultant

Ken Voyles

When he was young Ken wanted to be a journalist and learn to understand the world around him. His dream was to write for a major magazine; eventually, he became the editor and publisher of a monthly magazine. Over a 43-year career, Ken has worked at magazines, newspapers and in public relations, publishing and communications.

His passions are writing, photography, design and managing creative projects/ideas through to completion. He is an award-winning writer and photographer and has published two history books through Arcadia Publishing (historic photos) and The History Press. During his magazine career, he helped publish over 250 issues across 20 years including a special history edition,  photo books and a commemorative 400-page leather-bound 100th anniversary edition.

Ken has written and produced 2 video documentaries, an art book and written and presented dozens of speeches to both large and small audiences. He led the creation of a corporate “cultural training” program, creating an employee “brand” book and training more than 500 employees in a series of 10 workshops across four months.

Born in Detroit, his family is from Detroit – his grandfather was a Detroit firefighter and his father was a civil engineer in the city.

He loves storytelling, writing, art, gaining knowledge, history, and seeking and exploring the world through travel, reading, and study.

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