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Graphic Designer

Corey Bricker

Corey is proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator in both Mac and PC environments. Before working with Logos Communications, Inc., Corey worked for Thorpe Printing Services. She has also handled freelance projects for Michigan Industrial Controls in Port Huron, Leverenz Services and the Center for Women in Jackson (MI). She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Spring Arbor University.

"I have always been passionate about art and words. Graphic design has given me a way to combine those two loves. Being able to design on my laptop and send files to clients allows me to work anytime and anywhere, so I don’t miss those moments reading, baking cookies, going on field trips and driving to hockey practices with my sons (who are, by the way, some of my best people for giving me feedback on my work)."

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