24 Technology

By Sue Voyles / May 2, 2015 /

I’m a fan of the television series “24.” I loved it when it was on, love the reruns, loved last year’s revival season and hold great hope for the current talk of bringing it back again. If I am ever involved in a national security breach, terrorist plot or international crisis, I want CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) agent Jack Bauer to be my man on the job. Jack knows how to get things done – no matter the weather, lack of sleep or the number of guns pointed at him – he came through. He’s the super agent of all secret agents. In fact, he even came back from the dead. But that’s another story.

But that’s not the only reason I like 24 and Jack. I loved the technology. Jack carried around a cell phone/PDA device that: never ran out of power, always got a signal, never dropped a call and was always on. Remarkable! I really need that device.

Plus, back in the CTU headquarters, they had computers that never froze up, never got infected by viruses, didn’t get spammed and never needed restarting after downloading the latest Windows updates. True, from time to time they had network security issues with unauthorized bad guys hacking into their systems, but the bright people at CTU always seemed to be able to fix the problems on their own. They’ve never had to call the IT Department or Help Desk.

If only all technology worked that well. Think of all the money business and government would save. (On the other hand, I suppose perfect technology would put some people out of a job.)

But I can still dream, can’t I?

– Sue Voyles