Challenges of networking in a remote world

Networking has its challenges as I’ve written about previously. During this era of virtual meetings, which have flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic, we find ourselves doing more networking than ever by Zoom (or Skype, Facetime, etc.). Despite the advantages these tools have over the telephone (primarily, being able to “see” the other person during the…

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Logos joins TechStak Network for small and medium sized businesses

We’re excited to announce our designation as a top-rated, vetted digital marketing provider in TechStak’s exclusive service network. To become a recognized industry expert, TechStak conducts extensive research into the tech or IT providers that apply for vetted status. The providers on TechStak are not only masters of their craft, they are small business champions…

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24 Technology

I’m a fan of the television series “24.” I loved it when it was on, love the reruns, loved last year’s revival season and hold great hope for the current talk of bringing it back again. If I am ever involved in a national security breach, terrorist plot or international crisis, I want CTU (Counter…

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