Does Your Company Care?

By Sue Voyles / March 14, 2016 /

More and more these days we hear that Millennials want to work for companies that ‘make a difference.’ Companies That Care Day, celebrated March 17, 2016, is one event that encourages employers to focus on community initiatives and recognize the people who make their companies successful. It’s a Day that seems to be tailor-made for the younger generation who are now making their mark in the workplace.

And even small businesses can show they care about their community and team members. At Logos Communications, we take pride in our work and support of our nonprofit client, St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center in Detroit. They are making a significant difference on the education front for adults and children (check them out at

So what could you do to show your company cares? How about a few “C’s”:

Communicate – tell your employees you value them. Then paint a big picture of where you’re company is going and how they are helping you reach that goal.

Cook – everyone loves food. How about having the bosses cook lunch for everyone?

Contest – have a fun contest about the company’s history and give out small prizes to those first few employees who come up with the answers. A hat, t-shirt, mug or gift card – doesn’t have to be much. Everyone loves to win something.

Community – go out as a group and do something in the community. Pick up trash along the highway, clean up a playground, serve lunch at a soup kitchen, read books to first graders (March is Reading Month after all). It’s fun and it shows your company cares about what happens outside its walls.

And perhaps, this will be the beginning of a bigger initiative to show your company cares on a regular basis. A little caring never hurt anyone.

–Sue Voyles