Maybe DIY Isn’t for Everything

By Sue Voyles / July 12, 2016 /

If you’re located in a large metropolitan area, then you’ll probably agree that small business owners have many competitors. In the case of Logos Communications, that includes well-established large agencies as well as small PR companies that were formed by communications professionals who were bought-out or lost their jobs as part of the recent economic downturn and subsequent corporate down-sizing/right-sizing.

A newer competitive risk is the current ‘do-it-yourself’ trend for solopreneurs and startups that use the internet as a source to learn how to do almost anything …. including their own public relations and marketing.

And in those early stages of business, it often makes perfect sense to try to do everything yourself. But at some point, as your business grows, DIY may not make as much sense.

Logos Communications has been around since 1999 and in 2001, a successful woman business owner said to me, “You can’t make all the money yourself.” What she meant was that a 1-person business cannot (usually) generate the revenue of a 3, 4 or 20-person company.

The same thing is true for taking on those tasks like PR, marketing (and accounting for that matter). As you grow, is it in your best interest (or that of your business) to continue DIY for everything?

I’d like to think that our team of experienced communications professionals bring expertise and skills to our clients that they wouldn’t have in a DIY environment. We’ve been lucky enough to win many national awards for our client work and I hope that demonstrates that having a professional communications team in your corner brings value.

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