Collaboration is Not a Dirty Word

By Sue Voyles / September 26, 2016 /

It’s no secret that the world is more connected than ever. And by virtue of all these connections — personal, virtual, business, academic, social – there is a lot of collaboration going on.

Collaboration is a word used quite frequently these days. It happens in music, business, manufacturing, education, technology and other fields.

I was in a meeting recently where an executive stated that collaboration in their field was necessary for success, given the intensity of competition for funds, customers, talent and more.

But, she acknowledged, others in her industry were slow to embrace collaboration, especially the larger, more successful organizations that don’t see collaboration as necessary for growth (or even survival). These organizations perhaps see collaboration as a threat to what they perceive as “theirs,” instead of an opportunity to come together to make a bigger impact.

But for me the phrase, “we are better together” is an apt description of collaboration. Some of our best client work has come through collaboration with our strategic partners — like some of the award-winning videos we’ve created. Those projects were a collaboration between our team, the client and the video production company.

I’ve always felt that having several strategic partners is a strength in my business, not a weakness. So I welcome inquiries from potential strategic partners to learn whether we can indeed be “better together.”

–Sue Voyles