We Are the Leaders

By Sue Voyles / November 10, 2017 /

Have you heard the song “We are the Champions?” What about the idea of “We are the leaders?”

I’ve written about being a leader in a business before. But the idea comes to mind more and more, especially since the leaders in our government make it an easy topic of conversation. And just recently, I read a study that showed that less than half of U.S. employees trusted in their business leader’s ability to get the job done.

It’s true that being a leader isn’t easy. We’ve all faced situations where, sometimes, we have to do the tough things and make hard decisions. But it also means training the next generation of leaders – another thing that studies show a need for improvement on.

To me, being a leader means stepping up, stepping out, and moving ahead. And as a business owner, that’s what I strive to do.

— Sue Voyles