Cheers to the Risk Takers

By Sue Voyles / June 12, 2018 /

I was at a business event and ran into an acquaintance who, the last time we met, had a successful freelance writing business. She told me she had moved from freelancing back into a gig for corporate and it was “such a relief not to have to worry about getting paid,” etc.

I reflected on that and shared with her that I started freelancing in 1999 and built up my business from there and have never looked back. To tell the truth, I said, I can’t imagine myself going into a corporate environment as an employee.

Thinking on that afterward, it struck me that her view and my view might be the difference between entrepreneurs/business owners and those individuals pursuing a career in a traditional workplace. To be clear, each person has their own place in business where they can contribute. Certainly, there are outstanding folks in the corporate world who are making significant strides. But there are some of us who can tolerate the risk of the “unknowns” that come with business ownership.

It’s not easy when you have only yourself to rely on for your paycheck and the paychecks of any people you hire. Cheers to all those who have the fortitude, perseverance and tolerance for risk that it takes to start a business and stay in business.


-Sue Voyles