Be Connected

By Sue Voyles / November 16, 2015 / ,

When I started my business 16 years ago, I had a large Rolodex containing all of my contacts’ names, addresses and phone numbers. I also had strong personal relationships with members of professional associations where I had been a member for years. Those two resources combined were the source of all my business early on.

How things have – and haven’t – changed. Today your “Rolodex” is probably your Outlook Contacts along with the Connections in your LinkedIn profile. But don’t forget that even though so much networking is happening online, your personal relationships are still very valuable.

Case in point: I recently invited a long-time client to a business event. Most of my interaction with him over the past year had been via email and voicemail. Being able to talk to him in person at the event was great. We agreed it was a good idea to get together in person to continue our business discussion further. That opportunity may not have occurred via email or voicemail.

That being said, make sure you have a strong presence on LinkedIn. If you have a profile that hasn’t been touched for a year, update it. While you’re at it, consider posting a new photo. People look for you online. Remember the last networking event you attended? You probably received LinkedIn invitations to connect after that, or at the very least, people viewed your profile. Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Our team can help. Just contact me.

Whether it’s online or in person – take time to nurture and build your relationships. Be connected.