More Than a Decade and Still Growing

By Sue Voyles / August 2, 2017 / ,

Logos Communications turned 18 years old recently.

When I started the company in 1999, I didn’t know anything about being a business owner. I knew that I had two young children (ages 3 and 6), and wanted more flexibility and work-life balance. I started out with just $500 cash, a desktop PC with an internet connection and a Rolodex (remember those?). I told myself that I would give it a year to see if I could make it work.

logos-birthdayAnd make it work was exactly what I did. In fact, I got one of my first clients on the last day of my full-time job. During my memorable send-off, with one of my coworkers strumming his guitar and singing me a good-bye, I got a call from someone in my network who I had told about my business venture. She told me her organization needed my services and asked if I could start right away. I was so excited!

18 years later, the excitement hasn’t died down. I remember when I managed to get a client a placement in USA Today a few years ago. When I first met them, they told me that was a goal of theirs, so helping them to reach it felt like a huge accomplishment. Helping my clients tell their stories and chase their dreams never gets old.

Being in business for myself also gave me the desired work-life balance I was seeking. Right away, I was able to enjoy my children more – I called them my “vice presidents.”

Today, they’re young adults. But being able to flex my schedule to volunteer at my children’s school and attend their programs and performances during those years has shown me I made the right decision in 1999. Even today I still love being there for them by supporting their college and career dreams.

When I was first thinking about going into business, I read the book “Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow.” In 18 years, I’ve certainly found that to be true. And I look forward to being able to do what I love for a long time to come.

–Sue Voyles