Being “Green” Can Add Green to Your Bottom Line

By Sue Voyles / August 3, 2017 /

Sometimes, I’m amazed by the power of a brand to change the world. Take this recent article about green marketing and a brand’s ability to influence consumers to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

green-marketingMore and more companies are taking advantage of green marketing these days. And while, obviously, the benefits to the planet are important, it’s important to consider the benefits to the business, too. Here are a few ways green marketing can help build a brand’s reputation:

  1. It builds buzz. Although green marketing has been around since the 1980s, it never stops being relevant. As more studies come out, today’s consumers are becoming more aware of green issues. And when companies acknowledge this, the media stands up and takes notice.
  2. It creates connections. Green marketing generates goodwill with employees and customers by showing that you care about the environment. Customers can feel like their purchases are not simply personal indulgences, but going towards a good cause. Something as simple as offering reusable shopping bags or putting bike racks in front of your business can help give people a good reason to do business with you.
  3. It tells while it sells. Green products, packaging, and services have a story to tell. It might be about your business, your environmental commitment, your support of green charities or community efforts. And bringing community service messages into the selling process makes it a slightly softer sell.

Green marketing is important and easier than you think. Chances are, you’re already doing some green practices, or there are some that are easy to implement into your business. All you need is a great PR firm that can help you with the marketing part.

— Sue Voyles