Work Like Your Customers

By Sue Voyles / December 12, 2017 /

There are so many ways to work today.

You can work from a traditional office. You can work from a coffee shop. You can work from home. You can work from the road. But are you working the way your customers work?

I have found over the years that some customers prefer an email, while others would like a text message. And then there are those who want to hear from you by telephone. Others want to meet face to face on a periodic basis.

I’m not saying any particular method is right or wrong, but I think it’s a good idea to understand how your customers work so that you can adopt a method that fits in with their style.

As a professional communicator, I think it’s important for me to understand how to communicate and work with clients so that it benefits everyone. So maybe a good practice would be to ask your customers how you can best work with them.

— Sue Voyles