Look in the Mirror First

By Sue Voyles / August 13, 2018 /

It’s human nature not to want to admit when you’re wrong. We all hate being wrong. But let’s face it, sometimes we are wrong – as I’ve mentioned before.

If I take a look in the mirror and look hard, I might be able to more easily admit when I’m wrong. Because when I look in that reflection in the mirror, I know I’m not perfect.

We all see our imperfections when we look at our own reflections. That might be a tough dose of medicine to swallow, but it’s probably one that all of us need. Remember the Mary Poppins song,
“A Spoonful of Sugar,” which states that it “helps the medicine go down?”

Well, I’m saying that maybe we don’t need that spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. Maybe we need to take the medicine and find that it doesn’t taste so good. Looking in the mirror – tasting that medicine of being wrong – might just make us all better business people and leaders.


-Sue Voyles