No Risk, No Gain

By Sue Voyles / September 7, 2018 /

It takes guts to be in business. You are called on to make decisions, assess risks, and figure out whether said decision will win – or lose – customers and/or money.

If every CEO, business owner and executive didn’t take risks – didn’t pursue their idea in the face of ridicule — then we would have missed out on many significant products and innovations. For example, inventions like light bulbs and umbrellas were mocked when first introduced, and bicycles and automobiles were never expected to catch on.

What is holding you back from taking a risk? Perhaps it isn’t money or customers, but the aggravation, embarrassment, feeling uncomfortable or fear of being mocked – and having to deal with all those emotional issues and personal annoyances.

Whatever the reason, the next time a decision comes up that involves some risk, or a suggestion is made by a colleague or coworker that may be viewed as risky, think twice about whether taking on even a small amount of risk would be worth the potential reward. It may be worth taking on the risk.

–Sue Voyles