A Day in the Life

By Sue Voyles / November 26, 2018 /

Just like many of you, I attend a lot of business events and networking opportunities. And, like you, I’m often asked the question, “What do you do?”

My short answer is, “I’m a writer.” Or if appropriate, I may answer with a short elevator speech: At Logos Communications, we tell the compelling stories of our clients to their target audiences through PR, writing, social media and marketing.

But still, people may wonder exactly what professionals like me really “do.” The answer? It depends on the day. So here’s the rundown for a recent day in the life of Sue Voyles.

Driving to a seminar about social media and the law, I hear some breaking news on the radio that affects a key client. I start making calls to my associates to take some action, followed up by a quick text once I arrive at my destination.

While at the seminar, I have my mobile phone silenced but still visible to scan for texts, etc. (like most of the communications professionals in attendance). Up pops an email from an editor I often work with. A quick read of said email indicates the editor wants an email interview with a client, and by the way, he needs answers before the weekend (it was Wednesday morning). I quickly fire off an email to the client and then follow up with a text. About five minutes later, the interview is confirmed between client and publication.

The seminar begins to wrap up – and believe me, there was plenty of eye-opening information about the legal implications of retweets and more – when I look down to realize I have a meeting in 27 minutes with a TV production company at a client’s office. Dashing out the door, I drive to my next destination, making a call on the way to another associate about said meeting.

Meeting is a success, with some follow up action on my end.

Now I turn my attention back to item number 1 to check in on status of action items from the breaking news. With some emails, calls and editing from me, that item wraps up.

Trying to keep on top of emails, one of my associates lets me know that a Google Alert for a client turns up some negative media coverage, which I alert the client to. An editor from another publication that is working on a story about a client sends an email asking for images for the story. I quickly locate some photos and a link to some more, and send it over.

In between emails, I write up some social media posts and send those off for scheduling, answer questions from team members on current projects and grab lunch.

Back to the car for the ride back home. The day didn’t quite play out the way I envisioned it, but that’s the thing I love about what I do – every day is different and any day where I can connect clients to media for positive coverage is a good one.

-Sue Voyles