What’s on the mind of business owners?

By Sue Voyles / May 15, 2020 / ,

Business owners have a lot on their mind these days. Among other things, they may be:

  • Trying to figure out how to manage a remote team.
  • Encouraging potentially nervous employees to come back to the physical workspace once shelter-in-place orders have been lifted.
  • Reinventing how they safely deliver their product or service to customers.
  • Realizing that the culture of their organization is more important than ever.

Add to this list, the fact that business owners themselves need to take care of themselves emotionally and physically so they can lead through a crisis that most of them have never faced.

During a recent Truth at Work Roundtable call with 10 other small business owners, I heard things like:

  • We are not going back to the way business was done in the past.
  • Now is a time for learning and innovation for all business leaders.
  • People are grieving over a number of things (e.g., not being able to see their high school senior graduate or visit their elderly parent in person). They need someone to listen.

What we agreed on is that talking honestly with each other and sharing best practices is very helpful. Trying to do it on our own – alone and isolated – is not helpful.

How can I help you? How can you be helping someone else in business?