It’s Your Social Media – Do you own it?

By Sue Voyles / February 2, 2017 / , ,

I’m sure you already know that having an online presence is vital in today’s day and age. But many people don’t realize the importance of “owning” that presence.

When I say that, I mean it’s not enough to just have an account on Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. It’s not enough to just have your name out there. You need to be constantly engaged with the message that your brand is putting out online, because it’s probably going to be one of the first things customers see when researching you. Many businesses don’t seem to realize the impact their online presence can have.

social-media-online-presenceFor example, let’s say a business has an employee set up its Facebook page. That’s a good start, right? But then let’s say that this employee leaves the company for whatever reason (let’s assume it was on good terms). The Facebook page was connected to this employee’s account, and now no one knows how to access it. The company can no longer promote new events, products, or press releases. When a potential client goes to research them, they see a Facebook page that hasn’t posted in months.

What would you think, if you were that client? What’s the point of having a social media account if you aren’t able to post to it?

If that seems a little obvious to you, it goes beyond that. Did you know that Google and LinkedIn will automatically set up pages for a business based on online activity? You have to go on and claim it if you want to have any control over it.

And having control over your brand’s image is one of the most important things you can do for your company. If you show that you care, potential consumers will take notice.

Logos Communications wants to give that control to you. We aren’t here to tell how to act, or what to say. We don’t tell you what your message is. You tell us, and then we take your message and make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

If you’re an active business, your name is probably already out there. Let us help you own it.


~ Sue Voyles