Is It a Business or a Hobby?

By Sue Voyles / March 13, 2017 / ,

To be a successful business, act like one.

business-or-hobbyToo often, I’ve met women business owners who gave the impression that their business was their hobby, and not a true, money-making venture. In my experience, if you want people to treat you seriously as a business owner, then you must live, breathe and truly act like a business. So get a professional e-mail address and website for your company … and have business cards professionally printed. And don’t forget … maintain regular business hours so customers know when they can reach you.

In today’s economy, people are reluctant to spend their money with a business that seems to just be the owner’s hobby. Your potential customers want to know that they can trust you to deliver value for their dollars, and they want to know that you take their business seriously. So start acting like a real business – not a hobby delivered from your basement or garage – and you will start experiencing success.

–Sue Voyles