Think before you post

By Sue Voyles / May 15, 2020 / ,

With more people working from home and sheltering in place, people are spending more time on social media – one report says global social media usage is up 21%.

I know I am checking Facebook and LinkedIn more than I did before. But what I am seeing from some businesses is a bit concerning. Most recently on LinkedIn I saw 1) a TikTok video featuring shirtless guys and 2) an individual posting strong political opinions about the current government leaders and their pandemic actions.

So I’d like to ask a question: Before you post – especially to your company pages or professional LinkedIn profile — are you asking yourself, “do I want my best customer or dream prospect to see this?”

If you think of social media as an extension of a company brand, a professional’s reputation and the “front door” to a business, then the posted content should align properly. Before you post something that is supposed to promote your expertise or your business, ask yourself these three questions:

1 – What would my biggest client think of this?

2 – Would this post cause my prospects to question our judgment?

3 – Does this content match up with my aspirations as a trusted company or professional?

When you realize that social media is a great place to share your expertise and knowledge, beyond just merely trying to sell something; when you realize that other people are looking for companies and individuals that exhibit real knowledge, creativity and attention to details; and when you understand that social media is a tool in your toolbox to attract your dream customers and future connections,  then you will find the power of this medium to help you grow your business.