Giving thanks to the men in our lives

By Sue Voyles / June 15, 2020 /

Leaders come in many shapes and forms with various personalities, strengths and weaknesses. While the same can certainly be said of fathers, there is another underlying aspect to dads everywhere that in some ways is far more powerful than the picture of your average leader.

Without trying to sound too awestruck, there is a deep need to give kudos to the men in our lives, the fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons and uncles who help give strength and support to our families, our communities and our businesses, either as leaders or just as great examples of what it means to try your best to lead.

As we celebrate days of honor this summer, having given mothers their due in May, and now fathers this month, let’s not forget that we are constantly called to experience relationships in our lives, ones that connect us to our culture, our community and our country.

In times of economic stress, pandemic fear or civil unrest, we are called to offer something more powerful, sincere and well-considered than in times of comfort and ease.

If we want to make a difference in the lives around us – and I would argue that most dads (and moms) want just that – we need to be honest with one another, sincere in our approach and willing to listen to the needs of others whether in our family, a community suffering injustice or a nation fraught with uncertainty. Looking for a new direction and finding solutions helps ensure everyone is heard, everyone is helped and everyone is given the kind of opportunity America is supposed to stand for.

Fathers deserve our praise, yes, but they also deserve to know that they can be allowed to learn how to be leaders, and do it in many forms, championing a cause, taking over a business, solving a community issue or just sharing their strength and love.

At times like these, fathers like so many community leaders, are on the frontlines every day. They are being studied and scrutinized, they are in the spotlight, and while they need to be honored, they need to do their best to honor the badge of leadership thrust upon them.

Let’s all celebrate the heroes that are our fathers and not forget that leaders matter in all of our lives.