Learning to love our clients

By Sue Voyles / February 18, 2021 / , ,

It’s cold outside, there’s an ongoing pandemic, and so many of us are miserable. But it’s also February, and besides the cold, we can take time to celebrate through a heart-warming holiday like Valentine’s Day.Love Public Relations Client

Perhaps it’s time to focus on widening out who we are showering with love this month, or any other month for that matter. Sure, we all show warmth to the important people in our lives like spouses, children, or even friends.

Have you considered how important it is for you to show love to your clients, especially in the midst of these challenging times?

When business is booming and we’re all doing well, the very people who help us thrive, our customers and clients, can get forgotten or even left behind, not getting the love they deserve and need.

The good news, though, is you can be different and focus on customer love. One recent study of nearly 2,000 businesses suggested that over the next five years business leaders are realizing they need to focus on the customer experience (45.9%) first and foremost. That means loving them. This stat is even ahead of product/service price (only 20.5% saw that as the top priority) and the product itself (33.6% said this was the top goal).

When companies understand how to love their customers, embracing the idea of creating amazing experiences and allowing them to feel really appreciated, then everyone wins out. Clients win because they’re getting an experience as much as a product or service, while companies win because they are building a strong loyalty base, hopefully for life.

So, yes you can –  it’s not as hard as you think to say thank you, we appreciate you, even we love you.