Writing is foundational for all good content

By Sue Voyles / September 15, 2021 / , ,

To put it simply, writing is our forte at Logos Communications. It’s what we do every day for nearly all of our clients. Without solid writing and well-crafted messages, just about every form of marketing will fall short.

I know, I know, I can hear what you are saying already. People don’t read these days, no one has time to worry about the perfect message and certainly no one believes in the power of those words.

Seriously? Words matter now more than ever. They fill our day in every medium and channel. They are critical to everything we care about, from faith and politics to sports and entertainment. Words are not only necessary, they are essential. Sure, you can have a great graphic approach, an interesting product or service to sell, or a wonderful idea to share, but if you can’t explain it, inform others about it, and relate to different segments of our society, it will mean very little.

With Logos you can be sure that our team is up to the challenge – large or small – of creating just the “right word” for you and your company. In other words, you’ve contacted the right people: writers dedicated to their craft.

We write every day. That’s just who we are. And we know most people don’t have the interest, the time or the skill to write in a thoughtful, compelling way. That’s why we are here. We know the power of words. They are as strong as images, especially when it comes to public relations (PR), the art of engaging and developing relationships with the community, the media, your potential customers and your industry.

Our team of specialists can help create a wide array of custom communications. Frankly, just about anything you can think of, we can craft into a solid message that engages readers and gets them to act, either to buy your product, use your service or connect with you in a meaningful way.

Making an impact through words

The list of what we can do is long and varied but some examples include: internal employee and business communications, such as company newsletters or training programs; press releases announcing a business development or new product; communications to help deal with the media and community in times of crisis; white papers and grant proposals; blogs for content marketing and emails; speeches for community or company events; marketing copy such as fliers, brochures, and sales sheets; and website or social media profiles and services information.

Let’s face it, most people don’t have time or the inclination to worry about the words they use, whether spoken or written on paper or a computer screen. That’s where we come in, up front and personal, guiding you to share what is important, what shares your brand and what reaches people’s hearts and minds.

Our focus is centered on making an impact through our words. Whether our clients need a simple message or a mission statement, whether they need a 1,000-word executive summary for their annual report or an announcement about an award recently received, our team of writers fashion the kind of copy every company (and individual) needs to be noticed.

In preparation for any kind of client writing, the Logos takes the time to research, study and develop content ideas even before the project begins. And you can be assured that your words will be showcased in perfect form. There’s nothing like a mistake, poor grammar or a faulty sentence to turn off prospective clients and customers.

How We Can Help

So, why try and do it yourself? Busy business leaders don’t have the time, and often the training, to write the kind of copy needed to showcase your product or service and the brand that stands behind it. Let us help you craft the perfect message.