For Logos Communications 23 is more than just another number

By Sue Voyles / June 22, 2022 / , ,

Numbers have meaning, and there is certainly plenty of recent insights into how data (often in the form of numbers) and storytelling go hand in hand.

At Logos Communications there are plenty of important numbers – not just our bottom line, how many clients we have, or how many impressions one of our client’s press releases generate for them.

In this case I am talking about only one number actually. That’s the number 23. Why is this so special? Well, besides the fact that the number 23 has some unique cultural and emotional connections, for Logos the number stands for our anniversary this year.

That’s right – Logos Communications is turning 23 next month. What began in my living room with a large rolodex, today includes a team of nine people, clients across the region, and a cabinet of industry awards that speak to the excellence of our work.

So, okay, I know what you’re thinking right now. Everyone loves a good milestone, say like a 50th wedding anniversary or a 100th birthday. While I like those as well, I like to celebrate my company and my team every year.

What is unique about the number 23?

With all that said, let’s look at some of the fascinating things about the number 23.

For example, 23 is an important prime number, one often cited when talking about understanding the use of prime numbers. If you remember your math, a prime is one that can only be divided by itself and by one. Some mathematicians consider prime numbers so important that they describe them as “building blocks” in the world of numbers.

Now maybe that has little to do with Logos’ anniversary, but that’s okay. As a business owner, numbers are often top of mind. That may be the same for you.

Several mystical groups have formed around the number 23, and both the Chinese and the Hebrews saw great significance in the number.

For the ancient Chinese, numbers spoke to human sexuality with even numbers representing the feminine aspect of life and odd numbers being masculine. They viewed things like prime numbers as being mostly masculine and viewed 23 as truly special since it is made up of two consecutive prime numbers as well as the only even prime number (two).

For the Hebrew culture, the Old Testament is has some special 23s. It is believed that’s the number of daughters of Adam and Eve and that the 23rd verse of Genesis (chapter one) brings the creation story to a close.

Does 23 mean anything for business?

While the number has unique characteristics and there is a fascination about it, the number 23 is not considered lucky in general or lucky for business. And yet when it comes to the natural world, 23 is connected to the very stuff of life – every parent contributes 23 chromosomes and the nuclei of cells in human bodies have 46 chromosomes made out of 23 pairs. Both egg and sperm cells in humans have 23 chromosomes which come together and divide to create an embryo.

Another fun fact about the human body is that for most people the physical biorhythm is in a 23-day cycle.

There are a lot more facts about 23. I will stop here and return to the point – I am honored and thrilled to enter the 23rdyear of successful business. I encourage everyone with a business, starting a business or thinking about what a business would mean in their lives, to pay attention to the things around them, whether it is the natural world, the world of ideas or the practical elements of math, science and business techniques itself.

So the next time a client asks you to share a little bit about your business consider finding unique ways to express who and want you are. Perhaps your company name has some deeper meaning or your founding date was also a special day in history. Maybe your ideas about business or the things you stand for come from your family history or represent a new outlook in the industry you have entered.

There is so much about who we are and what our companies do and represent that it is well worth the time. Logos is 23 years old and so with that I will say “23 skidoo” (old-fashioned American slang for a sharp exit).