crisis communication

What Is Your Company’s Brand and Reputation Worth?

It’s no secret that corporate communications is now a 24/7 endeavor. Through social media, your customers are talking all the time. The question is: are you listening? If you read Sales Encounters of a Different Kind, you learned like I did that it pays to ask more questions when interviewing prospects. In Maybe DIY Isn’t…

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Everybody’s Watching

In today’s reality-TV, social media connected, 24/7 news reported, text-ready, always-on world, it can feel like everybody’s watching everyone else all the time. In a crisis scenario, people are watching you, your company, and your employees. Your professional reputation is under a microscope and the pressure is intense. It’s what you do next that matters….

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Protect Your Business Reputation with Crisis Communications Planning

An employee who was fired for embezzlement starts circulating emails that inform people you are about to go out of business. A contractor is using your company email to send out solicitations to people to visit a fundraising campaign she has created. You are selling your business to a long-time, trusted employee and want to…

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