How being transparent is an essential PR ideal

There’s a lot of talk these days about being transparent in our culture, in our connections with one another, and especially in the actions and decisions of local or regional politics and government. As a free and open society, we all understand the value of knowing what’s going on at every level of, say, a state government. This holds true to all kinds of organizations and entities, including businesses. That’s why many get confused and are challenged when there is a reluctance by individual leaders or groups to be candid and open about issues like finances, personnel decisions, timelines or costs

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Loving What You Do

“Talent is cheap; dedication is costly.” It’s said to be a remark by an Italian art teacher to the great Michaelangelo very early in his

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What’s Your Game?

It’s August and the expression, “Let the Games Begin” is in full force. For sports enthusiasts, look no further than the 2016 Summer Olympics. For

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