Do press releases support your SEO?

We all know the power of words, especially action-oriented phrases and words emphasizing results. They can indeed help shape press releases and convey a company and personal brand in a more effective way. One powerful tool that connects your messages and words in a press release (and other content like blogs) is understanding SEO (Search…

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Public Relations versus Advertising

What’s the difference? There are many ways to get an organization’s brand seen by potential clients or prospective employees, whether that brand is a service, a specific product, or even an idea. The many methods, or channels, for communicating, marketing, selling, informing and sharing can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether your company can support a marketing…

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What is a Public Relations Specialist?

The world of business is full of specialists. Just consider the medical or dental fields – the number of highly trained doctors focused on a specific physical aliment or disease can be overwhelming. In the world of communications and marketing, there are special skills associated with business and technical writing, social media, design, advertising and…

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